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Home Marketing
One of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks is the marketing and sale of the employee’s home. TRC develops an in-depth understanding of each employee’s real estate concerns, and at the same time, provides a means for you to realize a potential cash savings of several thousand dollars per transferee. This program provides the essentials necessary to obtain the highest price in the shortest period of time. Brokers are selected based on experience, education and performance criteria rather than network obligations. Through our thorough appraisal analysis, we help establish the right price while interacting with the broker to ensure an aggressive marketing strategy.

Home Acquisition
The Relocation Center eliminates the hassles and many of the costs associated with the sale of the employee’s home. The employee can proceed to their new location without worrying about the disposal of their former home, eliminating the need for them to attend the closing. All methods of home buyout assistance (Regular Inventory Sale, Buyer Value Option, and Amended Value) are available. For the employer, our objective program administrator will ensure that the best interest of both the employee and the company are met.

Here’s how it works:
When an employer or independent real-estate marketing firm requests Home Acquisition and Resale Closing Services, the employee’s home in the old location is sold to TRC’s home acquisition company. Ownership is then transferred to the ultimate buyer. When allowed by your relocation policy, TRC can hold the home in inventory and manage the property until it is resold. Though the employer reimburses TRC at that time, no gross-up is required, potentially saving the employer thousands of dollars per relocation.

Home Finding
Locating a new residence that meets your employee’s unique requirements is another important aspect of a successful relocation. TRC and the real estate broker interact with your transferee to determine a detailed picture of his/her ideal location and specific requirements. Only brokers who are experienced in employee relocation issues and are responsive to the local market conditions are selected, whereby your transferee can make the best decision regarding their new home. Detailed market analysis information is provided to further aid in their home buying decision.

Temporary Housing
TRC has an extensive network of fully furnished corporate housing units with all the amenities of home available in over 350 markets nationwide and many more internationally. Your employee has the convenience of dealing with the same coordinator who has assisted them with all other facets of their relocation.

ADT Security Promotion
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