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International Moving
The Relocation Center can move your employee’s goods to virtually anywhere on the globe. We work within your corporate move policy any restrictions of the destination country, and the transferee’s personal needs.

Weight Requirements
TRC works with your company’s relocation policy on weight allowance for ocean transport, which generally covers the relocation expenses of a typical household. There is generally an additional allotment of weight for air freight to cover those items your employee’s family will need upon arrival. Should this exceed the allotted weight requirements, TRC will provide the employee with a detailed estimate of additional costs.

TRC will also work within the guidelines of your company’s relocation policy in terms of additional storage of items. Many companies offer storage reimbursement for items that remain in the states.

Country Information
Every country has its own laws and customs, so The Relocation Center recommends the study of etiquette and customs of the destination country beforehand. The country's consulate is an excellent source of this information.

The U.S. embassy of the new country can provide a list of schools that are referred to as American schools which follow the traditional U.S. curriculum and provide all instruction in English. Health care around the world is different in every country; The consulate or U.S. State Department can advise the transferee on the current situation regarding health care for foreign nationals.

TRC will provide your employee with a list of contacts for foreign consulates and embassies in the country which they are relocating.

They'll want to be in touch with the consulate of the country to which they are relocating, to obtain all of the legal documents and permits that allow immigration to the new country. Your employee can obtain a passport application by simply paying a visit to their local post office. They'll need two (2) specially-sized photos and a copy of there birth certificate. Complete the application well in advance, allowing at least 4-6 weeks for processing and delivery.

The consular representative can advise whether visas are required and how to obtain them. Work permits also may be required; if so, they must be obtained before leaving the us.

Item Restrictions
There are often strict restrictions on what can be taken across the border of certain nations. Guns, alcohol, controlled substances, and even certain types of literature are sometimes strictly prohibited in foreign countries.

Also, some everyday appliances may need special adapters or simply not work in the new country. The Relocation Center Move Coordinator will provide your employee with a list of restricted items as well as appliance restrictions.

Valuables and Personal Records
Your employee should obtain all personal records—e.g., prescriptions and medical records, school transcripts, marriage and birth certificates, vehicle registrations, etc.—and carry them personally. Valuables from safe deposit boxes, jewelry boxes, and important papers should be carried with them as well.